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Ingenium Blockchain Technologies gathered a team of blockchain experts, developers, consultants and a network of partners that can roll out any bespoke solution for their customers.

Our Services

Loan data sharing

Be smart! Use the Blockchain to share credit information between different banks to avoid multiple loan requests using the same documentation.

Blockchain Application Development

With many years of experience in the development of applications and proven expertise in applications based on the Blockchain, Modex offers the right tools to create cryptography-based technologies.

Smart Contracts

Modex provides consultation services for the development of Smart Contracts. We develop secure and competent Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes and we can help in writing your desired Smart Contract code securely.

Software Migration

If you understand the core innovations around the Blockchain idea, you’ll realize that the technology concept behind it is similar to that of a database, except that the way you interact with that database is very different.

Based Software

Starting from the customer’s specs – which we will follow accordingly throughout the entire process – we are able to offer a based software solution that meets your needs.

Smart Contracts Audit

When you deploy a Smart Contract to the Blockchain, you have to make sure it lacks security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency. These elements can compromise it entirely, as well as your reputation on the market.


Modex can license its document registry system for private or public blockchains, allowing users to manage and sign documents. Creating your own notary registry has never been easier!

Business Analysis

In order to understand it best and determine the most suitable Blockchain processes for that particular case, our specialists will put a business under a thorough research analysis, after which they will come up with a range of tailored solutions.

Designing a Solution

Once the above steps have been taken, our professionals will design and develop a comprehensive framework of the intended solution. In line with the client’s requests, this framework will be created by keeping in mind to encompass all the requirements, functions and processes of the company.



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